Mighty Earth runs impactful campaigns in the EU and the UK to protect wildlife, fight climate change, and combat global deforestation

The EU is one of the largest economies in the world. What it buys and who it trades with has an enormous impact on global supply chains.

The groundbreaking European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) – which entered into force in June 2023 – bans the import into the European Union of seven key commodities – including beef, soy, cocoa, rubber and palm oil – if they are linked to deforestation or forest degradation. The law becomes operational at the end of 2024; the UK adopted similar due diligence requirements as part of the 2021 UK Environment Act.

Mighty Earth is campaigning for effective implementation of these regulations to ensure they cover the world’s most important landscapes and ecosystems, and working to ensure that retailers eliminate deforestation from their global supply chains.

  • 6

    major European supermarket companies have dropped beef products tied to Brazilian deforestation

  • 56%

    of global cocoa imports go to Europe, the world’s largest cocoa importer

  • 6.12 million

    acres of estimated avoided deforestation over the next decade thanks to the EUDR

  • 10%

    of global deforestation is driven by EU consumption

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