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Mighty Earth is working to decarbonize the auto supply chain. The automotive industry is critical to achieving net-zero global emissions by 2050. But as auto producers move to electric vehicles, by 2040 materials used for production will account for 60 percent of life-cycle emissions.

In addition to going electric, the auto industry must shift material supply chains to include green aluminum and steel, deforestation-free and sustainable leather and rubber, and other materials to be truly carbon neutral across the entire auto supply chain.

We target the big auto manufacturers to push them to use sustainable materials and to end human rights abuses in their supply chains. Some of the biggest car manufacturers source steel and aluminum from plants in China which use forced Uyghur labor.

We establish systems and strategies to engage U.S.-based auto companies and work at the grassroots level to develop Mighty Earth’s college organizing campaign.

  • 10% Annual GHGs

    Steel & Aluminum are responsible for 10% of GHGs annually

  • 12% & 18%

    Globally the auto sector consumes 12% of steel and 18% of aluminum annually.

  • 60% of Emissions

    By 2040 materials used for production will account for 60% of life-cycle emissions.

  • x2

    The auto industry's demand for aluminum will double by 2050 in the shift to EVs

Decarbonizing the Auto Supply Chain

The automotive industry is responsible for 9% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually and is a major consumer of materials that contribute the most to global emissions.

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General Motors (GM)

GM’s ability to meet climate & human rights obligations is intertwined with the decarbonization of its steel & aluminum supply chain.

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