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Act for Nature and Climate

Lend your voice to Mighty Earth’s campaigns to fight climate change, eliminate deforestation, and protect nature.

JBS must protect forests

Tell the world's largest meat processing company to cut ties with suppliers that are deforesting the Brazilian Amazon. Make your voice heard.

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Starbucks: come clean on cocoa

When it comes to paying farmers a living income, addressing child labor, or protecting forests, Starbucks is evading accountability.

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Protect the rarest great ape

The Tapanuli is threatened by the construction of a huge dam project which is slicing through its home in the Batang Toru forest in Sumatra, fragmenting populations and lessening its ability to sustain the level of genetic diversity needed to remain viable.

Protect The Tapanuli

GM: Say No to Dirty Steel

GM’s ability to meet climate & human rights obligations is intertwined with the decarbonization of its steel & aluminum supply chain.

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