What We Do

The goal of protecting Nature underpins all our work. It inspires and drives us to secure a future that allows life to flourish.


Mighty Earth is a dynamic global advocacy organization working to defend a living planet. Our goal is to protect half of Earth for Nature and secure a stable climate that allows all life to flourish.


Mighty Earth works to mitigate the worst effects of our warming world. Our focus is halting and reversing deforestation, protecting communities, saving endangered species, and fostering a living planet for generations to come. We strive to transform industries, improve government policy, protect nature, and secure the rights of Indigenous and local communities, who are the best custodians of our forests and landscapes.


We turn the impossible into reality: Ending deforestation, achieving gigaton-scale climate wins, saving endangered species, and supporting Indigenous community rights. We’re not afraid to go where we’re needed and do what it takes to get industries and governments to transform the way they do business.

Protecting Nature

We work across the globe to protect the most vulnerable wildlife and communities threatened by deforestation

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Decarbonizing Industry

We’re shifting the industries that account for 25% of global climate pollution to clean energy.

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Transforming Agriculture

Agriculture causes more climate pollution than the entire transportation sector. We are transforming the industry to create supply chains that protect Nature and human rights.

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