Nick Cullen

Campaign Lead, Scotland

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Nick is Mighty Earth’s Campaign Lead in Scotland, working on the campaign to stop the Batang Toru dam and save the Tapanuli orangutan, which focusses on the dam developer’s Edinburgh based operations, and, more widely, the role of corporations that are causing environmental harm and human rights abuse globally in Scotland’s renewable energy transition.

His background is in logistics and coalition building in the climate justice movement, including with the COP26 Coalition in Glasgow in 2021, and as coordinator of the Climate Justice Coalition. Alongside his work at Mighty Earth, he currently leads a project building solidarity and joint campaigns between climate and migrant groups across the UK.

Nick has spent several years organising with grassroots kitchens in refugee camps in Calais and Northern France, and helped to set up emergency food systems supporting community groups across Edinburgh during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Edinburgh, and a masters in International Development from the University of Cambridge.