Boris Patentreger

Senior Director, France

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Boris Patentreger is the senior director of France for Mighty Earth. Boris has 15 years of experience working on environmental and international development issues, specializing in sustainable agricultural production, forestry, and supply chains. Boris has held campaign roles within the non-profit sector, including at WWF-France, where he was a forest conversion officer with a focus on palm, paper and soy issues related to Brazil.

Boris is also the co-founder of the French-based NGO Envol Vert where he was also leading field agroforestry projects. He also had different experiences in South America notably in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, and Brazil where he supported the development of sustainable projects related to cattle and soybean but also related to indigenous rights. Boris also worked as a consultant for different companies to implement robust deforestation-free policies. He created the forest footprint tool and finally realized for NGOs such as Greenpeace investigation reports on deforestation related to palm oil and soy.

Boris holds two masters’ degrees one in biology with a focus on plant ecology and land use planning from the University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier, and a Master’s degree in Environmental and sustainable development with a focus on Biodiversity management from the University of Perpignan. Boris is based in an agroforestry farm in Castres, France.