Stop Destroying the Planet & Shop Responsibly

Sydney Jones

Press Secretary

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Carole Mitchell

Sr. Director Communications

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“As a concerned consumer, I can only do so much when making my purchasing decisions. Ultimately, the responsibility is Stop&Shop’s, so I hope the CEO can make the decision to cut ties with Cargill in an effort to create a more sustainable future for our planet.”

– Victoria Deever | Stop & Shop Customer, MA

The meat industry is the leading cause of water pollution and deforestation. A small handful of companies control the meat industry and are responsible for its impact.

In Massachusetts, customers and other community members have recently joined Mighty Earth’s call for Stop & Shop to implement environmental standards for their meat and to cut ties with Cargill, a company responsible for water pollution across the U.S. and deforestation across Latin America.

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Community members are asking Stop & Shop to ensure that shelves are stocked with products from responsible suppliers that are taking care of our environment.

This spring community members took the following actions: 

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