Advertising: Environmental Campaign on UK Retailer

Sydney Jones

Press Secretary

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Carole Mitchell

Sr. Director Communications

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What We Seek:  

Mighty Earth is seeking an agency or independent consultant to develop and implement an approximately £100,000 advertising campaign in the UK focused on creating pressure on a major supermarket chain to 1) cease sourcing meat products linked to deforestation and climate pollution and 2) shift to more sustainable protein.  

About Mighty Earth:  

Mighty Earth is a global advocacy organization working to defend a living planet. We are obsessed with impact: Our goal is to protect half of Earth for nature and secure a climate that allows life to flourish.  

Through our proven “perfect storm” model of driving change, we have played a leading role in persuading the world’s largest food and agriculture companies to act against deforestation, land-grabbing and human rights abuse, and we’ve driven adoption of multi-billion-dollar shifts to clean energy.  


The meat industry is the largest single driver of destruction of rainforests and other ecosystems and causes more pollution than all the world’s cars, trucks, planes, and ships combined. Largely because of the meat industry, only 4% of mammal biomass on the planet are wild animals, a serious imbalance in the planet. At the same time, the meat products served in UK supermarket chains, while frequently marketed as locally or sustainably sourced, are linked to large industrial meat and feed companies that have extensive records of deforestation, land grabs, habitat destruction, human right violations and other irresponsible agricultural practices.  

UK retailers are uniquely positioned to play a large role in driving a shift in the way the world gets its protein because of their position in the global market, often seen as a leader in sustainable practices and a potential trailblazer for much-needed switch to plant-based and alternative protein-based foods. They are key customers for many of the world’s major meat and soy companies and could drive an urgent industry-wide shift to better practices, as well as more sustainable protein sources.  

 Proposal Requirements: 

All proposals should include detailed responses to the following questions: 

  1. Ideas for the campaign. We are especially seeking ideas for paid media that can also drive earned media coverage. 
  2. Suggestions on cost distribution of broadcast, print, and/or digital given the budget. 
  3. Suggestions (and related rationale) for geographic focus for offline activities.  
  4. Experience working on environmental campaigns. 
  5. Examples of your work, including on political, environmental, or social campaigns, and the outcomes/results of the work you have been involved in.  
  6. Timeline and needs. 

Please contact Mighty Earth UK Director Gemma Hoskins ([email protected]) to submit a proposal and with any questions. Please notify Gemma if you are planning to submit a proposal, and we will share more information on specific targets and ensure against conflicts of interest. Proposals must be submitted by November 18, 2022, and we anticipate making a final decision by early December. 

Mighty Earth will evaluate proposals based on the following factors: budgetary feasibility, vendor’s experience and success in similar advertising campaigns, vendor’s knowledge of the target market. 

Offers will be rejected if any illegal or corrupt practices have taken place in connection with the award, and all contracts executed under the project must state that Mighty Earth may terminate the contract if it finds that illegal or corrupt practices have taken place in connection with the contract award or execution. 

Thanks so much for your interest and we look forward to meeting you. 

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