New Announcements Show Progress Toward Sustainable Steel

Sydney Jones

Press Secretary

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Carole Mitchell

Sr. Director Communications

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In response to ArcelorMittal’s announcements this week, Mighty Earth campaign director Margaret Hansbrough released the following statement:

“Two exciting and unprecedented climate announcements were made by the world’s largest steel company this week, ArcelorMittal. In Spain, the company signed a 10 year contract to purchase solar electricity for one of its facilities from a solar farm that will produce 8.6 gigawatt hours annually. And in Germany, ArcelorMittal announced a pilot project to bring hydrogen technology to scale to replace direct use of fossil fuels as a raw material input. Together, these announcements are the biggest signal to date that the company is starting to seriously invest in low carbon production technology. Mighty Earth hopes that this is only the beginning of a much bigger commitment toward carbon neutrality for the company – and that these will be the first steps toward leading the rest of the industry toward deep decarbonization.”

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