Mighty Earth responds to Tyson Announcement of Partnership to Implement Sustainable Feed Sourcing Commitment

Sydney Jones

Press Secretary

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Carole Mitchell

Sr. Director Communications

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Nine months after announcing its commitment to improve sustainability practices for 2 million acres of its animal feed, Tyson has released details on how it will begin implementing this goal. Tyson Foods has partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund to pilot sustainable farming practices on 500,000 acres of U.S. corn, and publicly communicate its progress. While still lacking substantial details, this announcement is an important step towards providing transparency and insight into Tyson’s plans for making its supply chain more sustainable.

“Industrial meat production is one of the most polluting activities on the planet- causing significant water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and destruction of native ecosystems like grasslands and forests” noted Mighty Earth CEO Glenn Hurowitz. “As one of the world’s largest meat producers, Tyson has significant influence over farming practices used to raise meat and has a responsibility to put agriculture on a more sustainable path.”

Tyson has faced growing public scrutiny and concern about the environmental devastation being caused by its supply chain, which is driving widespread water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the United States. The bulk of Tyson’s environmental impact comes from producing the vast quantities of grain used in animal feed, as well as the disposal of manure.

“In order to drive real improvements, Tyson must require all suppliers to use farming practices like cover cropping, fertilizer efficiency, conservation tillage, and native ecosystem protections for growing animal feed, and adopt a responsible manure management policy that prevents further contamination of our nation’s waters,” said Mighty Earth Campaign Director Lucia von Reusner.

Mighty Earth has been leading a nation-wide campaign to raise public awareness and mobilize pressure on Tyson to improve farming practices for feed and manure that would reduce water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have joined the campaign, as have shareholders concerned about the growing risks to Tyson from ongoing water pollution.

See more about Mighty Earth’s #CleanItUpTyson campaign here.

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