Mighty Earth Responds to DOE’s Announcement of $6 Billion for Industrial Decarbonization Projects

Sydney Jones

Press Secretary

[email protected]

Carole Mitchell

Sr. Director Communications

[email protected]

Washington D.C. – The Biden-Harris Administration has announced the selection of 33 projects to receive $6 billion of Department of Energy (DOE) funding for decarbonizing energy intensive industries. Among these projects is the construction of a primary aluminum smelter in the United States, the first in over 40 years, which will run on 100% carbon free energy. The announcement also includes plans to upgrade the Middletown Works steel mill in Ohio, which is estimated to lead to 1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions reductions per year.

Responding to the announcement, Mighty Earth Senior Director of Decarbonization, Matt Groch said:

“While this announcement marks a critical first step in the nation’s push to decarbonize heavy industry and shift towards a sustainable economy, it’s only the beginning of what needs to be done. With many steel and aluminum facilities in the U.S. still powered by fossil fuels, it is essential for companies to join forces with federal, state, and local governments to accelerate investments in transitioning these hard-to-abate industries.

“This new funding also signals a crucial stride towards a sustainable transition to electric vehicles. By allocating resources to low-carbon aluminum and steel plants, it lays the foundation for electric vehicles free of environmentally harmful materials.”


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