Call on Walgreen’s to stop selling blue whale’s food as nutritional supplements

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Dear CEO Stefano Pessina,

Antarctica is the world’s last great refuge, guaranteed by treaty to be free from commercial exploitation. Unfortunately, this protection didn’t extend to the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica, leaving its immense marine life vulnerable.

You have said that “environmental sustainability is part of Walgreens’ commitment to help our customers live well, stay well, and get well.” But Walgreens’ sales of Antarctic krill-based Omega-3 products don’t live up to these commitments. Krill is the basis of the Antarctic oceans’ food chain.

Blue whales, seals, penguins, sea birds, and a multitude of other species rely on krill for food. It’s time for Walgreens to end its sales of nutritional supplements made from Antarctic krill – which supports all life in this extraordinary ocean sanctuary.
Walgreens, stop exploiting Antarctica’s marine life.

Remove Antarctic krill Omega-3 supplements from your shelves.