Impact for Nature
and Climate

We tackle the biggest threats and deliver outsized results.
Mighty Earth has a track record of driving transformation across industries, driving gigaton-scale climate action, and protecting forests and wildlife.

"Mighty Earth simply makes what seems at first impossible into reality."

- Lukas Haynes, Executive Director, David Rockefeller Fund

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  1. 01Protecting Nature

    We work across the globe to protect the most vulnerable wildlife and communities threatened by deforestation

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  2. 02Decarbonizing Industry

    We’re shifting the industries that account for 25% of global climate pollution to clean energy.

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  3. 03Transforming Agriculture

    Agriculture causes more climate pollution than the entire transportation sector. We are transforming the industry to create supply chains that protect Nature and human rights.

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  • The Amazon rainforest

Where We Work

We work around the world to protect nature and fight climate change

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Working with Allies

Protecting Nature requires backing those who live in balance with it. Learn about our work with Indigenous and local communities

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