Maíra Irigaray

Maíra is a Brazilian independent consultant dedicated that joined Mighty Earth in February 2024, working in projects and campaigns against deforestation and for the protection of Amazon indigenous lands.

With a deep connection to nature rooted in her Indigenous heritage, Maíra is driven by a passion for environmental and social justice. Her journey has been shaped by the rich blend of cultures and experiences that stem from her family’s migration from Europe to Brazil, where her great-grandfather married an Indigenous woman, profoundly influencing her worldview.

Academically, Maíra boasts a solid foundation in law and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cuiabá, where she focused her thesis on the impact of child prostitution and sex slavery on human rights. This knowledge has equipped her to navigate the complex landscape of environmental and social issues.

From an early age, Maíra immersed herself in Indigenous wisdom and the importance of our connection to nature. Through transformative experiences with ayahuasca, she delved into the spiritual dimensions of this connection, guiding her personal growth and self-discovery.

Throughout her teenage years and beyond, Maíra dedicated herself to environmental awareness and the fight for indigenous rights. With a master’s degree in environmental law and human rights and international lawyering experience, she actively engaged with Indigenous communities, and supported to take the Belo Monte Dam case to the interamerican Comission of Human Rights which helped deepening her understanding of their challenges. Working with environmental NGOs and indigenous rights organizations further honed her expertise. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Geography focused on indigenous resistance studies enriched her ability to navigate the intersection of environmental and human rights issues, empowering her to make a lasting impact.

Today, residing in Brazil, where she created INSamauma and facilitates transformative experiences in the Rainforest that reconnect individuals with nature and unlock their potential. She blends environmental knowledge, spiritual practices, and insights gained from working closely with indigenous communities.

Beyond her professional achievements, Maíra raises two little boys, fueling her commitment to creating a better future for them and all generations to come.